These items can be booked for a free weekly clean up or taken to an e-waste or chemical drop-off day.

This is your household rubbish bin for items that can’t be recycled. We can recover some items from here, but it’s best to use this bin as a last resort.

Use your green bin for garden organics such
as grass clippings, leaves and twigs.

All your recyclables such as paper, folded cardboard, rigid plastic containers, steel, aluminium and glass can go in here.

Test your recycling skills

90 seconds to drag and
drop each item into the
relevant bin or to the
symbol top left. Enjoy!

Time's up!
Great work!

You placed:

0 / 30

items in the correct areas.

You know your stuff but hey, there’s room for improvement.

Play again, you know you want to!

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